BWSS is proud to offer our Thrive program, a program carefully designed to support the diverse needs of women with lived experience in sex economies in setting and achieving their goals.  We understand that women’s experiences in the industries differ widely from one another and therefore need a program that can be equally flexible and woman-lead.  Thrive offers a non-judgmental space where participants can meet one on one with a support worker to explore trauma and coping, build healthy coping tools, develop their support system and/or explore options for meeting their everyday needs including: housing, legal advocacy, treatment, clothing, emergency shelter, safety planning, support groups, and many other goals. 

Thrive is a flexible, participant-guided program that moves at your pace according to your goals.  Also, our Service Coordinator is able to meet with participants in the community in public places as needed.  At BWSS we see the power and resilience in every participant we work with; we are honoured to be beside you supporting your work to move from surviving to thriving. 

For more informoation, contact Brooklyn, 604-808-4378 or