Feb 12, 2009

Jenn McGinn calls for March to be Community Social Service Awareness Month

I rise today to recognize the important contributions that community social service workers make to this province. Since 2008, more than 20 municipal councils across B.C. have joined with community social service workers to ask that March be made Community Social Service Awareness Month.


Often we don’t recognize the important work done by our community social service workers. This work includes providing employment and housing supports for people with developmental disabilities, support for women and children who are victims of violence, specialized services for immigrants and First Nations families, and child care, to name a few.


The people working in these areas are the backbone of our community. These are the people who look after our most vulnerable populations and work to ensure that we have a caring, compassionate and just society.


People like Cherie Dobbie, an infant development consultant with Sunrise Resources for Early Childhood Development. She works with families to ensure that children who are at risk of developmental delays have the services and care they deserve.


People like Angela McDougall and the staff and volunteers at Battered Women’s Support Services. As they enter their 30th year, they are proud to know that they serve over 8,000 women a year who are survivors of domestic violence.


Individuals like Bunny LeBlanc, team leader on intake and investigation at the Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services, one of the largest urban aboriginal child services organizations in Canada. They work to protect some of British Columbia’s most vulnerable children and ensure they get care that’s integrated into aboriginal communities.


In my experience working in the community social service sector, I’ve met some of the most passionate and dedicated individuals who have made an immeasurable impact in people’s lives. We should be proud that the province of British Columbia contains such phenomenal, dedicated social service workers.


I hope that all the members here today will join me to designate March as Community Social Services Month.