Thank you for imagining a world of freedom and justice with Angela Davis and BWSS!

We have taken a few days to reflect on the significance of Angela Davis at the Orpheum Theatre last Wednesday. By all accounts, this was a momentous moment in Vancouver. The occasion convened members of our community in a way that we haven’t seen before and the room was a electric, joyous and connected.

Here are some photos from the evening.

Cecilia Point, Musqueam during the territorial welcome.

Almost 2,700 hundred people in attendance!

BWSS and Khare Communications premiered ‘Gassy Jack’ Monument video, featuring Audrey Siegl, Terriea Harris, and Ellena Neel.

Summer-Rain manager for the Indigenous Women’s Program at BWSS sharing a few words with Terriea Harris and Buffie Irvine.

Wildflower Women of Turtle Island Drum Group sang the Women’s Warrior song.

Standing ovation for Dr.Angela Davis.

Dr.Angela Davis with emcee, Angela Marie MacDougall.

One of the largest representations of the Black community in Vancouver pictured here with Dr. Angela Davis.

Women from Fluevog Shoes and BWSS #kNOwmore team were onsite!



We are still tallying the the total and with your help we raised  $112,000 that evening!

Thank you so much to all the sponsors and donors! And thank you to Dr. Angela Davis for her words and presence at the historic event.


Heartwarming Community Responses



BWSS is so grateful for the generosity of our sponsors making it possible for 350 members of our community to attend the reception and/or the main event.

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Davida LeComte
Jane Shi
Kirsten Roche
Lillian Kearney
Samantha Kearney
Luiza Brenner
Mathew Burditt
Angie Byron
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