Domestic homicide is one of the most predicted and most preventable forms of lethal violence.Today, we’re talking about domestic homicide. We’re talking about a father who killed his two daughters to punish their mother — his ex.

The killing was an extension of the family law and custody system that grants fathers access to children regardless of the evidence of violence against their mothers.

Watch the segment on Global TV.

The cycle of violence can end with men killing women and their children as the ultimate expression of power and control – the defining feature in this form of gender-based violence.

Angela Marie MacDougall spoke about domestic homicide, listening to women, and how the justice system needs to learn to recognize the signs of lethal violence today on the Simi Sara Show. Listen below or read the transcript.

Angela shares that domestic homicide is one of the most predicted and most preventable forms of lethal violence yet we don’t have a culture or a system to address it. 


For every woman and child who are killed there are thousands more living in fear of domestic homicide.

The good news is that women are leaving abusive relationships now more than ever. And when women have access to an advocate and the benefit of a women’s organization, transition house or specialized community-based service they are safer.

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