We want to thank you today for the role you continue to play in ending violence!

Thank you for being a changemaker. For giving and fundraising and telling your friends about ending gender-based violence. For believing we can make a difference.

 Thank you for donating clothing to My Sister’s Closet so that women accessing AWARE and Thrive have access to fashion for their job search and beyond. 

Thank you for passing our contact info to your friends, family, and colleagues so that they could access our support services. 

We mean it when we say you’re making a difference. Here’s more about your impact in 2019…

“When I started my journey with the AWARE Program I was completely broken. This program really helped me to build up my self-confidence, self-awareness, learn about my rights, and how to set boundaries. Without your encouragement, I never could find my job. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” -Nadia*

“I feel so blessed to have discovered this place as part of my transition from sex work. The Thrive program provides so much support, Brooklyn [Thrive Service Coordinator] helped me find housing for me and my two-year-old son. At Thrive, I set my own goals and work at my own pace. Since coming here I feel like a different person. It has changed my life”. -Christine*

“I made a big step to leave my husband after a decade of physical, emotional and financial abuse. Over the last year, he has been fighting for custody of our two small children doing everything in his power to use the legal system against me. It has been exhausting but having a Legal Advocate at BWSS support me with paperwork and court dates has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you so much!” -Sheila*

Volunteering at BWSS has been life-changing. I came across BWSS two years ago. Since then I have become very passionate about being involved in ending violence against girls and women. It brings me great purpose and inspiration to be able to connect with others whether it is through a 10-minute call or an emotional support group session. Each day is truly an honour and a privilege to be surrounded by people who symbolize nothing but empowerment and resilience”. Michelle*


Your commitment is admirable and necessary.  At BWSS, we are proud to be part of such an engaged community.

Make your year-end gift today and keep the giving going.

With much love and gratitude, 
BWSS Volunteers, Staff and Board of Directors

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.