How Does She Resist?

Resisting Media Representations to End Violence Against Girls and Women

Prevention of Violence Against Women Week

April 15 – 21, 2012



Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS)

How Does She Resist? – Resisting Media Representations to End Violence Against Girls and Women

“Battered Women Support Services’ (BWSS) goal is the elimination of all violence against women. Therefore women’s representation in media becomes a crucial element of this mandate. BWSS’ statement of philosophy recognizes that “…battering is the result of a world view which supports the right of some people to oppress others. That right is granted by the privilege of status associated with gender, race, religion, class, sexual orientation, age and physical ability”. This battering takes places right before us, as women are represented by media in an unequal scenario: a scenario where the powerful, privileged media presents a monolithic and oppressive view of womanhood. In this context women are constantly reduced by the media to body parts (i.e. a set of legs, a pair of breasts, etc.) or objects of sexual desire. This creates the ideal environment to perpetrate abuse and violence. Women are not human anymore, but dismembered objects lacking of dignity. Sadly, we get this message every day, many times a day.” ~ Silvia Almanza Alonso

During Prevention of Violence Against Women Week we will engage our online community to resist media representations as a way to prevent violence against girls and women.

We will feature guest blogger Joanna Chiu, guest videographer Camila Galdino, and contributions by Silvia Almanza Alonso, BWSS YOUth Ending Violence Program, and more…

During the week of April 15th – 21st, 2012, join our online community to engage, empower and prevent violence at

Here is a selection of Ending Violence blog posts on women (and men) resisting media representations:

Fighting Sexual Assault One Tweet at a Time by Sady Doyle

Porn Addled Teenage Boys do Rule the World by Soraya Chemaly

Missrepresentation the Media is the Message and the Messenger a Film Review by Dana Gore

Retro Sexism:  The Desperation of Sleemans Old Milwaukee Free Girl ad Campaign by Angela Marie MacDougall

Beauty and Body Image in the Media

Men Speak out about Sexist Coverage of Rape a call to action

Mad World Toy ads and Learning Gender posted Bitch Media

Beauty Redefined

Media Misses the Point by Athena Affan

Bic Soleil and Fluid Hair Salon: Misogynist Advertising Making News… Again by Angela Marie MacDougall


Joanna Chiu


Joanna Chiu is an independent journalist and editor, and the founder of WAM! (Women, Action & the Media) Vancouver chapter. At WAM!, Joanna works to connect activists and media makers to advance women’s media participation, ownership and representation. Her writing on feminism, politics, social movements, racism and sexuality appears in publications such as The Nation, AlterNet, The UTNE Reader, The Georgia Straight, Herizons Magazine and As a columnist for Canada’s top feminist
magazine, Herizons, she provides her perspective on Canadian politics and culture in each quarterly issue. She has also provided media commentary for outlets such as Vancouver’s News 1130 Radio, Jezebel, The Village Voice, and Toronto’s CIUT Radio. Joanna holds a Masters of Journalism degree from Columbia University. You can learn more about her work at at


Camila Galdino< /font>


A Brazilian publicist and passionate feminist, Camila Galdino also loves movies, photography and the arts. After nearly a decade of political activism in Brazil and South America, Camila now lives in Vancouver and despite the challenges of the new language she aims to continue her path of political activism in Canada. Following a long period of study and analysis, Camila began working with what she calls Feminist Communication. This involves producing videos, photos, advertising campaigns and other forms of media in order to promote feminism and transform communication from an instrument of power and domination into a political tool that can also be used for to produce historical accounts of feminist struggles and achievements.

Prevention Week Round-up

Day One

How Media Literacy Can Help End Violence Against Women by Joanna Chiu

Day Two

Violence Sells?  Time to say ‘Enough’ to Twisted Advertisers by Joanna Chiu

Angela Marie MacDougall co-hosted with Irwin Oostindie  W2 Morning Project on Co-op Radio CFRO 102.7 FM and interviews Jennifer Pozner and Joanna Chiu  Interviews begin 20 minutes into the hour long broadcast.

Day Three

How to get your Messages Heard and Hold the Media Accountable, with Strategies from Jennifer Pozner by Joanna Chiu

Day Four

Indigenous and Women of Colour Media Makers Resist!: How to Create the Media You Want to See in the World by Joanna Chiu

Day Five

Women with Disabilities: Understanding Media Representations to Empower one of the Most Victimized Groups in Society by Joanna Chiu

Day Six

 Your Message, Your Voice:  Blogging to Fill the Need for Independent Critical Analysis by Joanna Chiu

Resisting Media Representations. How Women Can Effectively Challenge the Way They Are Represented. A Literary Review by Silvia Almanza Alonso

Day Seven

Survivors Speak out to Break Silence about Systemic Violence Against Women and Girls by Joanna Chiu