As we know, the need for immediate action on gender-based violence is critical. In 2018, a woman or girl was killed every 2.5 days and on average, a woman is killed every six days by her intimate partner in Canada. And it has only been a couple of months since the national inquiry’s final report into the widespread violence, described as genocide, perpetrated against Indigenous Women, Girls and LGBTQ2S*.

Last week, the Federal Government released the second annual “It’s Time: Canada’s Strategy to Address and Prevent Gender-Based Violence”, which highlights the Government of Canada’s progress on ending gender-based violence. This new report is evidence that our collective advocacy is moving the dial forward but is also a reminder that we need to continue the pressure because Canada still has a long road ahead before we can live free without the fear of violence.

The Government has concentrated its actions under the three pillars of the Strategy,

  1. preventing gender-based violence
  2. supporting survivors and their families,
  3. promoting responsive legal and justice systems (focusing on accountability).

Highlighted in the report:

  • Investment of more than $80 million in more than 80 projects in communities across the country to prevent gender-based violence and support diverse groups of survivors and their families, including preventing teen dating violence and child maltreatment, and equipping professionals to respond;
  • Investing in gender-based violence and gender equality research to support evidence-based policy and programs, the first public call for research proposals in over a decade;
  • Bringing in a new law that provides five days paid leave for victims of family violence working in a federally regulated sector;
  • Completing the expanded review of over 30,000 sexual assault case files by federal law enforcement in April 2019;

Read the full report here.

For 40 years, BWSS has been providing programs, services, support, and advocacy to end gender based violence. Now, more than ever women, trans women and gender non-binary folks are speaking out about their experiences. 

Help give the gift of safety, because Safety Changes Everything.