Growing from forty years frontline knowledge, Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) training and education program shapes and deepens the development of skills and analysis of individuals, groups and organizations to strengthen social service practices and to advance social change.

At BWSS, our service delivery model extends beyond trauma informed to healing centered engagement that takes into consideration several aspects of survivors lived experiences.

Healing centered engagement is strength based, advances a collective view of healing, and re-centers culture as a central feature in well-being. Healing centered engagement is explicitly political, rather than clinical.  It is aksi culturally grounded and views healing as the restoration of identity. Healing centered engagement is asset driven and focuses well-being we want, rather than symptoms we want to suppress.

BWSS training and education programs grow from strong theoretical and practical frameworks. We have numerous training sessions and presentations planned for Fall and Winter 2019 including:

The Mental Health Conference hosted by Canadian Mental Health Association September 2019 in Toronto, Ontario. Their 2019 theme Connection Interrupted: Restoring Mental Health in a Fractured World  resonated profoundly with us and Angela Marie MacDougall, Brandy Kane and Rosa Elena Arteaga will present:

Intersectional Discourses on Healing
Day one – Session A1 10:00 to 12:00. Here’s more.

Beyond Trauma Informed to Healing Centered Engagement trainings by Angela, Brandy, and Rosa at BWSS

Strengthening Social Service Practices, Advancing Social Change.


This dynamic trio will be in Montreal September 24 – 27 to deliver specialized training program at Mouvement Contre le Viol et l’Inceste (Movement against Rape and Incest).

Session will include:

  • Supporting Indigenous Women and Traditional Healing by Brandy Kane
  • Deconstructing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Advance Healing Centred Engagement by Angela Marie MacDougall
  • Foundations of Narrative therapy and Trauma Informed Feminist Approach and Rosa Elena Arteaga


Beyond Trauma Informed to Healing Centered Engagement trainings by Angela, Brandy, and Rosa at BWSS