“Because, the power of #MeToo isn’t just naming it. Naming it is just the beginning of the journey” -Tarana Burke

Leading up to BWSS 40 Years Later Commemoration with Tarana Burke at the Orpheum Theatre on November 25th, 2019, BWSS asked local activists to share how “Naming it is just the beginning of the journey”…

“We live in a time when our values are caught between culture and the rule of law. If we are to be ancestors worth remembering, we all need to behave in ways that lets the future know that we did more than daylight and talk about the current endemic, parasitic situation. 

Children and young people deserve the opportunity to use their lives in fulfilling and affirming ways. What they don’t need is to be constantly parsing how to mom ve in a world where the law and practices around sexual assault are mismatched to cultural behaviours while purporting to be anchored in an posturing attitude of intangible moral justice.

At some point we are going to have to move beyond gender and towards affirming that PEOPLE in general need to be defended and supported around sexual assault.

Part of that is going to be the work of the world of men to be active participants in stopping the current denial & protection racket, and working towards a culture that is coherent with the law and its spirit”.

-Kona Katranya 



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