“Because, the power of #MeToo isn’t just naming it. Naming it is just the beginning of the journey” -Tarana Burke

Leading up to BWSS 40 Years Later Commemoration with Tarana Burke at the Orpheum Theatre on November 25th, 2019, BWSS asked local activists to share how “Naming it is just the beginning of the journey”…

“It is poignant that Tarana Burke, a Black woman who grew up in economically constraining circumstances, saw what others failed to see, that sexual violence and rooted racism are deep-seated power imbalances. Eliminating gender-based violence is dependent on achieving systemic change that upends this power imbalance. The same holds true for racial dynamics that are rooted in white supremacy and patriarchal systems.

We wish to commend BWSS for their 40 year commitment to freeing women and girls from violence by working for systemic change. BWSS works at the intersect that really matter to produce long term change. BWSS supports the “self-powering” of girls and women by working to achieve systemic change in institutional reform, education, economic inclusion and through the many ways they provide a “hug” of support for those most affected by violence. The local Black community are especially aware of the compounding effects of social, racial, economic and gender exclusion for creating the power conditions for gender-based violence.

We at Hogan’s Alley Society have as our vision “A world where people of African Descent are free to reach their full potential”. We know first-hand the difference that BWSS has made, especially, in the life of Black women and women of colour.

We hope this organization that has been a beacon of light will continue to receive all the support it needs to continue this invaluable work of helping women and girls reach their full potential”.

June N. P. Francis LLB; PhD
Co-Chair Hogan’s Alley Society
Co-Director -The Co-Laboratorio Project
Director Institute for Diaspora Research and Engagement
Associate Professor, Beedie School of Business



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