As Violence Prevention Co-ordinator at BWSS I get to speak to teenage girls and boys about dating violence and date rape.  It is incredible how much young people already know about the prevalence of dating violence and date rape… even children in grade seven or younger.

When the Jian Ghomeshi ‘not guilty’ verdict came down, I heard firsthand how disappointed, hurt and angry teenage girls and boys were about how the justice system treated the women who testified.  The overwhelming feeling was grave concern about  the negative message the verdict gives to Canadian youth.

You can write a different story for youth in your community by walking or running for BWSS at Scotiabank Half-Marathon and 5K

We are in #PursuitOfPossibility that violence against women can be prevented.  When you walk or run for BWSS you help fund violence prevention projects throughout BC, one of a kind prevention projects for girls and boys reaching thousands of youth annually.

The media circus surrounding the Jian Ghomeshi case ignited outrage and right now more teenage girls and boys are awaiting instructions about how to prevent dating violence and date rape.

scotiaJoin us on June 26, 2016 and walk, wheel or run at the Scotiabank Half-Marathon and 5K and help us raise $25,000 for critical violence prevention work. This year Battered Women’s Support Services has been chosen as a feature charity! Your involvement as a walker or runner can make a huge difference. All fitness levels are welcome!  A family walk, an easy jog or competitive run, it’s your choice. If you would like assistance with your registration or if you want to have your race fee waived email

Scotiabank chairty challenge

Thank you for being the hope our teenage girls and boys are looking for.


Rona Amiri

Rona Amiri

Rona is a strong youth advocate and passionate about working to end men’s violence against women. She has worked with Battered Women’s Support Services in different capacities over the last few years. She continues her youth advocacy and prevention work as the Violence Prevention Coordinator at BWSS.