In April 2023, we proudly opened the Justice Centre at BWSS, an expansion of our former Legal Services and Advocacy Program. This community-based legal advocacy clinic is dedicated to providing trauma-informed, multilingual, and culturally responsive legal services to diverse women who have experienced gender-based violence in BC.

The Justice Centre represents a significant evolution in our efforts, and the support of the community has been instrumental in its development. Our funding model is diverse, incorporating contributions from The Law Foundation of BC, the Federal Ministry of Justice, the social enterprise operated by BWSS – My Sister’s Closet, Strategic Interventions, and the generosity of individual donors.

From 2023 to 2024, BWSS has supported 2,159 victims and survivors. As we release our 2023-2024 Justice Centre Impact Report, we are excited to highlight the new services introduced and the profound impact our supportive community had in the work. The donations of our supporters have enabled us to support survivors, foster a safer and more just community, and provide critical legal support and education. This report underscores the enhanced services, training programs, and our focus on racial justice and current issues that the Justice Centre has championed.

Together, we are striving for justice, support, and empowerment for all women affected by gender-based violence. We invite you to learn more about your impact through the Justice Centre and continue this journey with us.