new job opportunities at BWSS

New job opportunities at BWSS

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BWSS is a feminist ending violence organization with an entrepreneurial spirit on a mission to end gender-based violence.

For over 40 years we’ve walked alongside cis and trans women, femmes, and transfeminine survivors providing advocacy, amplifying resilience and resistance, and we’re just getting started.

We are committed to doing the work and putting survivors at the centre. A mission like ours needs a perspective like yours, that’s what makes us stronger.

If you seek the opportunity to commit to an organization engaged in making a real difference in our community, please apply to work with us!


The following job opportunities are currently open at BWSS:
  • Housing Advocate
  • Peer Support Worker

BWSS is known for its inclusionary hiring practices. We offer the opportunity to work within an accomplished team making a difference every day on the frontline and beyond.