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Violence and abuse is endemic and follows girls and women through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and as elders.  Sex selection, infanticide, child prostitution, sexual abuse, date violence and rape, forced marriage, violence and abuse by male partner or husband as an adult or elder.

At Battered Women’s Support Services we exist to end this violence and to provide safe options for women survivors.

We provide real options for women facing theses challenges

We’re on the front line providing crisis support and counselling for women, support groups, providing skill-based training to professionals, delivering violence prevention and awareness workshops to girls and boys, youth, community, and men, while seeking law reform and systemic change.

Over the years thousands of women, children and men have been positively impacted by Battered Women’s Support Services intervention and prevention activities…ending the violence and abuse in their lives.

Every day women who are living in a war zone – their home- are looking for a way to end the abuse and violence.  Every day women are reaching out to us to seek safety.  Every day women call our crisis lines and access our support groups seeking an answer to the end of the violence in their lives.  Every year over 15,000 children witnessing their mothers’ abuse are positively affected by our work with their Mothers.  We are supporting the succession of thousands of children to live in domestic peace

It is our work to make public that which happens in private.  Our work is to end violence.

Right now! There is a woman who is deciding if she deserves to be safe.
Right now! There is a young woman who is experiencing date rape
Right now! There is a boy who is witnessing his father beat his mother
Right now! There is a man who is remaining silent knowing his friends are using violence against women

Over the next year Battered Women’s Support Services will:

1.    Hold over 400 support group sessions
2.    Answer 10,800 crisis calls
3.    Deliver over 200 training sessions
4.    Engage over 1,000 men and boys
5.    seek law reform and systemic change
6.    change the world

Right now we need you.

You can ensure our phone lines and our doors stay open.
You can ensure we have ready and trained volunteers
You can ensure we have high school prevention materials and youth educators ready
You to ensure that every woman who is considering safety receives safe options

You are part of our circle.  You help us keep the circle strong

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What Survivors of violence are saying about Battered Women’s Support Services:

"Your crisis line saved my life." KT, July 2010

"I am healing, I feel  empowered, I am changing my life." KH, June 2010

"Recently, I spoke to your new campaign "The Violence Stops Here". I truly believe that men need to step up and advocate, and I am so pleased that the Battered Women’s Support Services is taking this issue into the 21st Century and recognizing that this issue is something that Women and Men need to work together to fix. That it is a men’s issue, and we are allies in this…Thank you." SK April 2010

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