We are so excited to invite you to ADORN at My Sister’s Closet, 1092 Seymour Street, in Vancouver, Thursday, May 19th from 6 – 9 pm.  We will swap thrift fashion (women, men and children fashion will be available) enjoy refreshments, and listen while women share stories of empowerment and triumph.

Please plan to join us that evening and bring a couple of friends (all genders welcome) who you think would be interested to hear more about Battered Women’s Support Services.

The context of globalization and gender stereotyping, is there a reconciliation of fashion and feminism that inspires us, ignites us, contradicts us, challenges or transforms us deeply, profoundly? 

ADORN is the external expression of our core selves.    How do you ADORN?

The Pink Purse will make a first appearance.

To RSVP please email   For more about My Sister’s Closet-social enterprise of Battered Women’s Support Services please read this blog post Our Fashion and You