The Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability (CFOJA) has released their report #CallItFemicide Understanding gender-related killings of women and girls in Canada 2018. The report confirms that in 2018 148 women and girls were killed by violence in Canada. On average, every 2.5 days one woman or girl is killed in Canada which they state is “a consistent trend for four decades”.

53 per cent of the women who were killed in 2018 were killed by an intimate partner.

This report is a reminder that women and girls do not experience violence as a coincidence –rather, violence against women is the result of structural, deep-rooted discrimination and cultural norms. Unlike other criminal activity in Canada, for the last 40 years reports of violence against women and girls has increased.

BWSS has been providing programs, services, support, and advocacy to end gender based violence. Now, more than ever women, trans women and gender non-binary folks are speaking out about their experiences. While societal attitudes are shifting, this new report is another reminder that our work must continue and that Canada still has a long road ahead before women and girls can live free without the fear of violence.

Read the full report here.