35 Days Away from Angela Davis and 1,500 Tickets Sold

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Angela Davis has spent decades as an activist, author and scholar expressing ideas that remain at the forefront, on important issues of race, women’s rights, capitalism and justice.

Private reception is now sold out but excellent seats are still available.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most enduring feminist icons live in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory.

Vancouver Civic Theatres posted this to their website.

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Ticket Sponsorship

We are seeking ticket sponsorship for individuals who otherwise would be unable to attend, if you would like to sponsor tickets please email endingviolence@bwss.org

We are so grateful to our generous sponsors!

  • Eight individual ticket sponsors
  • The Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Cultures at SFU
  • John Fluevog Shoes.
  • Massy Books
  • VanCity Community Foundation

Thank you so much to Patricia Massy from Massy Books for being the official book sponsor for the event, with 50% of all Angela Davis book sales going to BWSS from November 22nd to November 29th.


Monument Video – Sneak Peek

Photos from Battered Women’s Support Services Monument video project which will premiere as part of the official #AngelaDavisVan program.


Ellena Neel


“I’m referring to sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault. Intimate violence is not unconnected to state violence. Where do perpetrators of intimate violence learn how to engage in the practices of violence? Who teaches them that violence is okay?”
-Angela Davis

We are tremendously grateful to the Musqueam Nation to film at this beautiful spot by the river