“Because, the power of #MeToo isn’t just naming it. Naming it is just the beginning of the journey” -Tarana Burke

Leading up to BWSS 40 Years Later Commemoration with Tarana Burke at the Orpheum Theatre on November 25th, 2019, BWSS asked local activists to share how “Naming it is just the beginning of the journey”…

“The journey of a woman in these systems of oppression is about fighting and resisting; it is about being oppressed, falling, being abused, being assaulted and then it is about standing up raising her voice as loud as possible to be heard and to fight for what is right and for justice. The healing journey of a woman after being impacted so profoundly in body, mind and spirit is a long journey that takes time and energy.

In my work as an Employment Counsellor, I witness every day the many steps that each woman needs to take after stopping the cycle of violence; the many barriers and obstacles that a woman faces and overcomes to finally get to a safe place of peace, independence and wellness… It is a long process to heal from the impacts of violence… It is a life long journey.

I am dedicated to walk alongside women in this journey; to support them in the best way possible. All my respect, admiration and compassion to all strong women warriors in the movement fighting for equality and justice. Thank you BWSS”

-Claudia Maldonado, Manager, Advancing Women’s Awareness Regarding Employment 

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