Once Loved Threads – The Frock Swap

What you send to closet purgatory might be heaven-sent for someone else.
Celebrate the art of sharing with these 2 Vancouver-based retail fanatics and bring your once loved threads to infamous The Frock Swap.

Infamous for sending barely-worn clothing into closet purgatory, Danielle Ow & Marjolyn Ustaris didn’t know what to do with their worn-once-and-never-again clothes. What started out as a small birthday party theme in 2008, turned into one of Vancouver’s best bi-annual clothing swaps.

The concept behind Once Loved Threads is a simple one:  “once loved, always loved”

Often imitated but never duplicated, We put a lot of love into our Frock Swaps to ensure that every swap is set-up boutique-style for easy swapping and we pre-screen all the clothing that comes in (on average, over 1,500 items each swap!) to make sure that each item is fashionable and wearable!

My Sister’s Closet – Social Enterprise of Battered Women’s Support Services will receive all unswapped clothing.

Here’s how it works.

Pictures of October 2010 event are here.

tumblr_lgq5pdnc7f1qed1pd Danielle Ow & Marjolyn Ustaris