Battered Women’s Support Services relies on the support of individuals and organizations that share our passion and commitment to ending violence against women in our communities. Some choose to donate a single amount at a specific time in response to a personal situation or a solicitation. Others choose to donate on a regular, monthly basis and have become partners with BWSS in working toward the reality of a safe and secure society.

One such partner is Harry McKelvie, a retired Psychiatric Nurse who knows that his decision to give to charitable causes can truly make a difference. Harry currently supports six charities including BC Children’s Hospital and the SPCA, and he has been a monthly donation partner with BWSS for over six years.

“I met a wonderful lady many years ago when we were both training to become nurses,” said Harry, “and although we both married other people we met again later in life. It was then that I discovered she had been helped to leave a very damaging relationship that she had endured for almost 25 years with her husband.”

The organization that supported Harry’s friend was BWSS and Harry recalled feeling inspired by the message of hope and healing that BWSS had provided his friend.

“Even today, she still bears the scars from that relationship, physical as well as emotional, and I think the world of any organization like BWSS that does so much to help women when they really need it the most,” says Harry. “Unfortunately, this friend is not the only woman I have known who has needed help to escape from an abusive situation. That’s why I’ll continue to give what I can because there are a lot of women who need the same type of help my friends received.”

Becoming a monthly donor helps us stretch your donation further. Your gift goes a long way to ensuring that BWSS maintains a stable organizational cash flow and reduces our costs where possible. Knowing our finances for the year also makes us more able to plan and implement the critical programs, education and services that support women who are experiencing violence and crisis in their lives. Overall, your monthly donation:

  • is a consistent and reliable source of funding, allowing BWSS to respond immediately to critical issues that are impacting women
  • is cost efficient and can be processed more readily than a one-time donation, leaving even more money for BWSS services
  • is environmentally friendly using less paper and other resources because it can be pre-authorized or automated

BWSS will make your decision to give monthly easy, flexible and convenient.

The benefits to you include:

  • An easy, pre-authorized credit card or bank account deduction
  • Flexibility — you can increase, decrease, pause or stop your donation at any time
  • A convenient tax receipt reflecting the total of all your donations each year
  • Absolute confidentiality — BWSS will not trade, rent or in any way make your name available to other organizations
  • Access to our monthly newsletter and relevant news that demonstrates the result of your monthly gift.

Like Harry McKelvie, you will benefit from the knowledge that your monthly gift is helping BWSS reach out to women with practical, real-life support and a message of hope as we work to transform our society into one in which all violence against women is simply unacceptable.

To make your donation, please visit BWSS online. You can also call us at 604-687-1868.