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As COVID-19 continued to strain the health system, rising cases of domestic violence put women and their children in immediate danger. The UN reported that critical services to support women such as shelters, helplines, and support centres reached capacity.

We created this public service announcement (PSA) to highlight the COVID-19 Shadow Pandemic on November 25 to mark the first day of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence.

BWSS COVID campaign
BWSS COVID PSA campaign still

Campaign Impact

The campaign received outstanding media coverage and shares through social media

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Campaign Outcomes

Video reached over 386,500 people on Facebook
Video received 20,637+ views on YouTube
Featured by over 4 local and 2 national media outlet
Increased awareness about the COVID-19 Shadow Pandemic of the alarming increase in violence against women.
BWSS timeline campaign