Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) and BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment Students have collaborated to deliver The “Bro-Code” Radio Project for Prevention of Violence Against Women Week 2014. The “Bro-Code” is a seven episode radio drama that discusses sexual violence against women. The radio project was inspired by “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign which originated with Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE) and explores men’s role in ending sexual violence.

The seven episodes feature the talent of three student writers and twelve student voice actors who dramatize complexities and dynamics in effect within youth culture around sexual violence. By speaking to youth the radio drama is well placed as girls and young women between the ages of 15-24 are the most likely victims of sexual assault.

“As someone who has experienced sexual violence first hand, I felt this was a great and creative way to help the issue. The series is entertaining, relatable, and educational hopefully it will help change the misogynistic attitudes of young men.” said Jenny Cooney, Producer.

We expect this project will help illuminate real choices for individuals about preventing sexual violence and the community the courage needed to get a handle on and reduce the incidence of profound rape culture.

Listen the second episode of The Bro Code below.

Let’s foster and ethos in Canadian society that urges men to support their female equals.

Episode Description: Ben starts to get suspicious about what happened between Carol and Ben. Zoe doesn’t believe that Carol got raped and instead blames her for drinking and flirting with Zack. Ben’s mom tells him to get his old ideas of women out of his head and to foster the proper mindset that supports his female equals.

Written and Produced By:
Jenny Cooney
James Hutchison
Jill Pasquayak

Dan Johnson

Episode 6 Cast:
Ben-Sam Mitchell
Carol-Bronwyn Henderson
Zoe-Brooklyn Driediger
Zack-Andy Cole
Ben’s Mom-Melissa Montgomery

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The Bro Code ~  Episode 5

Thank you for BCIT students for creating The Bro Codes radio spots to support youth cultural shifts, safer spaces and social change.

Find more information:

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BCIT students and Battered Women’s Support Services Collaborate to Prevent Violence Against Women

If you could do something to end violence against girls and women, wouldn’t you?