Choose the Gift of Safety This Holiday Season


This year gave us plenty of things we didn’t expect. But we get to choose how it ends.

So we are choosing radical hope! And safety. Along with generosity, resilience, resistance, strength, and action.

Even in the midst of a difficult year, with a shadow pandemic, you have continued to show your commitment and generosity to support the women and children in our community. 

Your commitment to ending gender based violence is admirable and necessary.

As an essential service, our impact includes:

  • Increased crisis line training sessions from 2 to 3 
  • 6 hospital accompaniments for women after sexual assault by a friend, boyfriend or husband
  • 25 women and children provided temporary shelter at hotel in Vancouver – when other services were unavailable
  • 84 TV, radio, podcast appearances to raise awareness on the shadow pandemic and ways people can take action
  • 6,283 calls to our crisis line (March 18 to June 30, 2020)
  • 31,959 requests for service  (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020)
  • 1 million people engaged and raised awareness through social media campaigns

And we:

  • Joined provincial and nationwide efforts to address gender-based violence during the pandemic
  • Advocated for provincial health offices to include specific language that physical safety was more important than physical distancing
  • Raised the alarm of the necessity of core funding for gender-based violence services – across the board

This work does not stop when the calendar changes from 2020 to 2021. In fact it continues unabated right now with an average of 50 calls a day to our crisis line

So let’s choose to end the year on a strong note, one that has the potential to change everything.

When you choose to give the gift of safety, your gift will fund our direct services and programs—and we know that staying connected saves women’s lives.

Make your year-end gift today and keep the giving going.


With much love and gratitude,
BWSS Volunteers, Staff and Board of Directors