Art is Inherently Connected to Advocacy and Social Change

Battered Women’s Support Services (BWSS) is Art! Vancouver’s 2017 charity of choice at their third annual International Art Fair May 25th through to the 28th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


Battered Women’s Support Services is Art! Vancouver’s 2017 charity of choice

Art can be an effective resource and tool for healing for women survivors of violence.

The creative process has the ability to transform pain to healing. As a healing tool, art is inherently connected to advocacy; it is both universal and personal like many social issues. Artistic expression gives shape to thoughts, feelings, and ideas and often helps communicate, educate, and inform society.

BWSS is thrilled to partner with Art! Vancouver as part of the ongoing work to connect with all communities who are innovative, progressive, and ahead of change –much like the violence prevention and intervention work that happens every day on the frontlines at BWSS. Since 1979, BWSS has provided education, advocacy, and support services for women in the work towards the elimination of violence against women and girls.

In one month alone, BWSS responded to 600 calls, 70 new women accessed services, 56 women accessed legal services and 53 women now have a personalized safety plan. This fundraising and awareness collaboration with Art! Vancouver supports BWSS direct services to women survivors of violence every day on the crisis lines, in counselling, and in support groups.

Artists are at the forefront of social and political change, they provide awareness that helps shift the way society sees social issues and lead others to take action. Coming together with the art community in Vancouver is a natural progression for BWSS as the ongoing collaboration with community movements involved in social change.

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About Art! Vancouver

Art! Vancouver plays host to a world-class international art fair in an exceptional waterfront venue, featuring reputable galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world. Building on Vancouver’s rich and thriving arts scene, Art! Vancouver 2017 will be held under the Sails, at the Vancouver Convention Centre East – a stunning and inspirational setting where art enthusiasts and collectors can immerse themselves in a wide array of beautiful artwork.

For four days, May 25 – 28, 2017, Art! Vancouver connects the international arts community under one roof. Here galleries and artists can showcase their works on a prestigious platform, while exposing attendees to a diverse collection of original work.

Art! Vancouver is the dream of accomplished artist and curator Lisa Wolfin. Building on her artistic and curatorial experience, Wolfin is making it her mission to develop Art! Vancouver into a must see world class event.