Violence against women is an issue which impacts entire communities.

The solution to bring an end to it will require participation from all community members.

Collaborations among individuals, groups, communities, agencies, organizations is essential.

BWSS has and continues to welcome opportunities to collaborate and build new relationships to strengthen awareness and response to violence against women.

One of our recent community collaborations is with SFU Men’s Hockey Team.

We came together to begin the conversation how they as an university athletic team can support and join our efforts.

This video is just a beginning to what we hope will lead to future collaboration which extends and shares the awareness, response, and action these young athletes can do in their own lives, athletic life, university life, and beyond.

Each of us has the power to create change and when we come together and funnel that power it is all the more stronger.

Check out our beginning collaboration with SFU Men’s Hockey Team.


Last year, Battered Women’s Support Services responded to over 10,000 crisis calls from women and girls to get help and end violence. We could not provide this essential support without your contribution.