We’ve created 31 Actions for Gender Justice to raise awareness, spark conversations and take action that transforms gender and power relations, and the structures, norms and values that underpin them. Every day for the month of March we will highlight an action that advances gender equity and justice for International Women’s Day (IWD).

This is by no means an exhaustive list! There’s so much more that we can do to advocate for political, economic and social changes.

What is Gender Justice and why does it matter?

March 1st Action 1. Getting on the same page.

The Global Fund for Women defines Gender Justice assystemic redistribution of power, opportunities, and access for people of all genders through the dismantling of harmful structures including patriarchy, homophobia, and transphobia.”

To add to this definition, we’d like to highlight the importance of eliminating gender inequities with a decolonial and intersectional, anti-oppression feminist approach.

Gender Justice is a transformative concept that reorients and re-energizes the conversation about equality. More fundamentally, it points towards new ways of liberating our thinking about ourselves and each other.

31 Actions for Gender Justice

Action 2. Learn about BWSS approach: decolonial and intersectional, anti-oppression feminist approach.

Action 3. Zero Tolerance: End Violence against Women

Action 4. Normalize a Culture of Consent 

Action 5. Support Youth Empowerment 

Action 6. Stand in Solidarity: October 4th and Beyond

Action 7. Know the Signs of Domestic Abuse

Action 8. IWD Action for Gender Justice

Action 9. Recommended Read

Action 10. Support BWSS

Action 11. Close the Gender Pay Gap

Action 12. Make Online Spaces Safer

Action 13. Understanding and addressing specific needs of LGBTQ2S and non-binary folks

Action 14. Help a Loved One

Action 15. Make prevention and intervention of end gender-based violence essential services

Action 16. Address sensitive topics

Action 17. Stop Violence against Asian Women

Action 18. Gender based Violence is Deadly. Prevention and Intervention are Crucial

Action 19. Support each other  

Action 20. Know the signs of financial abuse

Action 21. Stop street harassment

Action 22. Increase awareness about the pandemic within the COVID-19 pandemic 

Action 23. Recommended Reading  

Gender Justice